The roots of my solo electronics exhibition in Kathmandu trace back to the early years of my academic journey at Kantipur Engineering College in 2001. As a computer engineering student, I embarked on the fascinating world of basic electronics kits and projects, nurturing a dream that someday, I would showcase my creations in a solo exhibition.

In 2006, after completing my engineering degree, the realization of that dream began to take shape. I made the bold decision to start crafting electronics modules, without a clear plan on when, how, or where the exhibition would unfold. Looking back, I wonder if it was intuition, destiny, or an inexplicable force guiding me.

Throughout this journey, I found unwavering support in two close friends, Karuna and Abhinav. They became my pillars of positivity, encouraging me to turn my dream into a reality. Abhinav, in particular, played a pivotal role, sharing not only his books but also his belief in my potential. Karuna had previously helped organize a course and exhibition during our college years, showcasing her commitment to fostering innovation.

As I worked on my projects, I shared my vision with a contact at Kantipur, the national newspaper of Nepal. This led to a published interview, revealing my story to the public. Little did I know that this exposure would open doors to a significant opportunity.

Shortly after the interview, I received a call from Khagendra, who was organizing a massive science exhibition. He expressed interest in showcasing my creations and invited me to join. Seizing the opportunity, I shared my dream of a solo electronics exhibition. To my surprise, he agreed and offered a spacious hall exclusively for my creations.

However, a new challenge arose: how could I effectively communicate the intricacies of my projects to the exhibition visitors? Seeking a solution, I approached my former high school, V.S. Niketan. With the support of the principal and Mr. Arvind Kesari, the coordinator of the science department, I enlisted the help of bright students to assist in the exhibition.

For a week, I diligently trained and explained the projects to the students. My cousin and other friends joined in, and V.S. Niketan invested resources to ensure the success of the exhibition. Sponsorships poured in, including support from Kantipur Engineering College and a sponsorship link from Karuna. My close friend Suchita played a crucial role, managing most aspects of the exhibition, even amidst her engagement.

Family members gradually believed in my vision and contributed to the exhibition’s success. Finally, from June 6 to 8, 2007, the exhibition unfolded, attracting a staggering 34,000 visitors. The event garnered media attention, with interviews published in various newspapers and coverage on Kantipur TV news.

The exhibition not only marked a personal triumph but also led to new opportunities. It inspired the introduction of an electronics course at Kantipur Engineering College and paved the way for me to work as a research assistant at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). This transformative experience underscored the power of passion, collaboration, and the unwavering belief in one’s dreams.

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